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Trust Headquarters
St Roque Astley Ainslie Hospital
133 Grange Loan

Lothian Primary Care NHS Trust came into being on 1 April 1999. It has been a major task to bring together some 7,500 members of staff from the Primary Care division of Lothian Health and the East & Midlothian and Edinburgh Healthcare Trusts as well as staff from the Dental Institute and other services which were previously in acute Trusts to form a cohesive organisation. In addition we work with around 1,000 independent contractors in general medical and dental practice, as well as pharmacists and opticians.

We serve a population of some 620,000 people, across a wide range of geography - the City of Edinburgh to the rural extremities of East Lothian and Midlothian - with a comprehensive range of services.

The range of services is impressive -comprehensive mental health, learning disabilities, care of the elderly, medical rehabilitation, district nursing and health visiting, family planning/well woman, breast screening, comprehensive dental care and those provided by professions allied to medicine (such as physiotherapy).

Some highly specialist services include brain injury rehabilitation, bioengineering and prosthetics, drugs and alcohol misuse and harm reduction, AIDS/HIV, child and family psychiatric services.

It is the aim of the trust to make these services as accessible to people as possible. We collaborate with the major teaching (acute) hospitals in Lothian and with the local councils to ensure that services are "joined up" and patients receive a comprehensive service in premises that are up to date and fit for purpose in a new millennium.

All this presents a formidable challenge to everyone concerned in the National Health Service.


The Trust Headquarters, is currently located at St Roque, Astley Ainslie Hospital, 133 Grange Loan, Edinburgh H9 2HL.

The Trust is organised into seven local healthcare co-operatives, two hospital divisions and community health services.

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Lothian Primary Care Trust presently has no vacancies listed in our database.